AJCM Recruitment Privacy Statement


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A J Case Management Ltd offers and provides bespoke Clinical services to our clients across the Midlands, Manchester and Gloucester area. As part of our offering we recruit staff on behalf of our clients or their Deputies as the Employer. This privacy policy covers how we protect the data that is supplied to us by our clients, job applicants and agencies.

Our Commitment to Job applicants

AJ Case Management Ltd believes completely in equal opportunities and will treat all applicants fairly with no discrimination.
We never knowingly provide misleading information about the nature of the role.

AJ Case Management Ltd is committed to managing your personal information securely and with respect and in accordance with the General Data Protection requirements.

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, store and disclose the information about you that we hold.

  • The information we collect may cover the following:
  • Contact information (name address, phone number and email address)
  • Information from CV or application form (education, skills and qualifications)
  • Psychometric tests (e.g. Via Institute on Character, Thomas International DISC profile)
  • Health records (Health questionnaires) where required as part of the role.
  • Occupational health report (Higher level screening required for role) with Access to medical Records consent being given by the applicant
  • Disclosure and Barring Record where a requirement for the role
  • References from the named referees that the applicant provides and only with the applicant’s consent
  • Visa and proof of the right to work in the UK documents
  • Payroll Information (Bank details, P45, P46) –
  • Next of Kin and Emergency contact details Driving licence and licence summary


Purpose of collection

The purpose of collecting this information is to find suitable candidates to fulfil a specific role within our client’s support teams.


How the information is held.

Information is transmitted by email and is stored on our computers, our electronic file storage system and/or paper-based filing.
The paper-based filing can only be accessed by authorised AJ Case Management Ltd staff. Our staff are trained to understand the importance of keeping personal data secure. Our computers are safeguarded by anti-virus software and the regular changing of security passwords

The information on candidates will be held for 6 months in line with CIPD recommended best practice. (Where preferred by the Employer, AJ Case Management will hold the documents securely for the duration of the contract of service). After which files for successful candidates will be securely transferred to the Employer and on confirmation of safe receipt all the electronic computer records held by AJ Case Management will be deleted.

At this time files for unsuccessful candidate’s information will be securely deleted. Only if you have given your written consent for the data to be held will this not apply.



We may disclose the information for the purpose it was collected to clients and referees.
Where additional information is required the information may be disclosed to the Disclosure and Barring Service, your G.P or an Occupational Health professional.


Access and Corrections

Under the GDPR you have the right to access and seek correction of your personal information. This may be to add an additional qualification you have gained or a change of
address. We will ask for proof of ID before allowing access and proof of additional qualifications. We will then ensure that the information we hold is corrected and updated. We
do ask you to allow us time to make the changes which we will complete within 5 working days.



Privacy complaints are taken very seriously and if you believe that we have breached your
privacy you should in the first instance write to our Privacy Officer Sharon Richards-Glover the details
of your complaint. We would ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible to allow
a thorough investigation. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours and we aim to
resolve any complaint within 5 working days. However, depending on the complexity of the
complaint and availability of clients or external agencies it may on occasions take longer.
Should your complaint show that we have breached our duty of care we will report the breach
to the ICO.
If you are not satisfied by our response you may complain to the ICO.

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