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What can you expect from AJ Case Management

·   A skilled and knowledgeable Case Manager
·   A professional, friendly and approachable team
·   A comprehensive assessment and report to identify needs and goals
·   A support and risk plan bespoke to the client
·   A regular formal and informal updates

Our services include

·    Therapeutic case management
·    Immediate Needs Assessment
·    Specialist moving and handling risk assessments
·    Specialist training for our support team,  clients, families and professionals

A service with the expertise you deserve

AJ Case Management offers a bespoke and therapeutic case management service and will ensure that your clients receive a level of expertise that will support them through this difficult time including the litigation process.

AJ Case Managers are skilled and experienced clinicians and they have received bespoke training to enable them to support our clients through the litigation process. As a Case Manager our clients will often ask us to make sense of interim payments, the many expert appointments they attend and help them understand why it seems to take so long.

AJ Case Managers are skilled in all aspects of rehabilitation, the Mental Capacity Act, recruitment of support staff, employment law, property adaptations, management of a multi-disciplinary team and many more bespoke areas.

After the meet and greet, the AJ  Case Manager will carry out a therapeutic assessment  and provide a report to establish your client’s difficulties, needs and short to long term goals.  We will work with your client and their family to implement our recommendations. You can expect to receive regular update reports with progress on the goals and for us to identify new needs that arise. AJ Case Management has a solid administrative team to support their Case Managers. The case management team also receive regular training, support and formal supervision to ensure that they provide an excellent service.

We are able to work with clients with complex needs including challenging behaviour and complex rehabilitation needs. AJ Case Managers are able to utilise skills within the team to provide a multi-disciplinary approach for our clients.

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