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What support with my education may I need following my injury?

Following an injury, education offers many different opportunities in supporting your rehabilitation and helping you to achieve your goals and develop your skills.

You may need support with –

  • A smooth return to your school or college
  • Helping you, staff and peers understand the impact of your brain injury on your studies
  • Setting up a bespoke education support or provide brain injury training to education staff
  • Setting up a timetable that gives you regular rest breaks to meet your needs
  • Identifying strategies, adjustments and equipment that will support you in education
  • Finding a new school or college. After your injury you may want to follow a new path of study or interest
  • Accessing work based education. You may be interested in voluntary work or returning to paid work

How can a Specialist Education Case Manager help me?

  • Getting the right support in place through an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) so that your support needs are clear, and the right support is in place for a successful return to education
  • Helping you understand the different options available and what suits you at each stage of your rehabilitation
  • Getting the right support from your local authority and challenging decisions that may not be right for you
  • Attending meetings and reviews, helping you understand how to get the right funding and support so that you can progress
  • Finding and visiting different schools or colleges so you can choose the place that is right for you


How do I get this support?

At AJCM we have a number of Case Managers who can provide the right support for you at all stages of your education, from Primary Schools to Universities, mainstream and specialist providers. We are used to working in many different local authorities and understand the systems they follow.


Who pays for this support?

Your local authority has an obligation to provide you with an appropriate level of support for you to continue to access education up until you are 25.

Schools and Colleges must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable you to access education and support any special needs you may have.

Examples of this may include –

  • Providing a Teaching Assistant
  • Providing assistive technology equipment
  • Adapting the curriculum to make it more accessible
  • Putting in place extra support for exams
  • Providing additional training for staff
  • Working with therapists or other professionals to meet your needs
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