Brain/Spinal/Complex Orthopaedic Injury

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AJ Case Management provide services to clients and their families who have suffered life changing accidents, which have left them with physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes.

 We have worked with clients who have:

·  Traumatic Brain Injury
·  Post-Concussion Syndrome
·  Cerebral Palsy
·  Spinal Cord Injury
·  Amputation
·  Complex Orthopaedic Injuries

Spinal Injury

We advise our clients who have sustained a spinal injury to contact the SIA (Spinal Injury Association) –

A spinal injury can affect any part of your spine including the neck and back. A spinal injury may be complete or incomplete depending on the amount of damage that has been caused. The level of the injury will also determine where you will experience weakness, loss of movement, loss of sensation and pain.

The initial treatment will be based on adjusting to the injury and intensive rehabilitation to maximise your recovery and your function. In the longer term, rehabilitation will be aimed to help you to adjust to the new life ahead of you.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy occurs as a result of a brain injury either before, during or after birth. Its effects depend on which part of the brain is damaged and range from mild to severe.

Scope is a charity that can offer specialised information on Cerebral

People with cerebral palsy may have difficulties in;

 ·  Motor function
·  Sensation
·  Communication
·  Swallowing
·  Cognition
·  Behaviour
·  Epilepsy

The focus on rehabilitation will be to help parents and family members to understand the impact of the injury and to support the family as the child grows and develops. Specialist advice will be given around education, therapy and equipment.

Amputation and Orthopaedic Injuries

Following an accident you may have severe orthopaedic injuries and in some instance you may have had to have a limb amputated.

Often, these are extremely painful injuries which impact on your ability to carry on with your day to day activities. The pain may impact your ability to sleep and this exacerbates the impact on your physical health, which further exacerbates your tolerance to the pain you are in.

Your rehabilitation may need to include pain management, strengthening and stretching regimes, gait re-education, fitness and activities of daily living.


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