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Role: Support Worker


Hours: 24, 36, hours per week available (rota to include days, nights and weekends)


Contract:   Permanent Position


Rates: £12.50  per hour week days

               £14.50  per hour weekends  


Closing Date: TBC 

Employer: Please note that AJ Case Management Ltd is assisting the client to recruit and employ a Support Worker. 

AJ Case Management is not the employer. 

SK SW Recruitment Pack


Lisa joined our team in 2012 to support a client as his Personal Assistant following a traumatic brain injury he received as a result of a car accident.
The client made a good physical recovery but due to his injury he had difficulty with his motivation and initiation.
Before Lisa started in her role he would tend to sit around all day and never get anything done, so bills piled up and he missed appointments.
Lisa has supported our client to become more organized and with her support he is now managing his bills and attending his appointments.
Even more importantly Lisa has helped him make goals and plans for the future.
The client was unable to work but wanted to fill his time and give something back. With the help of Lisa they organized a family fun day to raise money for Air Ambulance. It was a great success and loads of fun was had by all.
The client was then keen to try a sky dive for charity. Unfortunately he was not medically fit and required a volunteer to jump out of the plan on his behalf. Understandably this was asking a bit much of Lisa and his mum volunteered but Lisa is now supporting him to raise even more money for this organization that saved his life.
Do you want to give something back? The role of a buddy or personal assistant is life changing for our clients and without this type of support our clients can become extremely down and struggle to see what life can offer them.

Thank you Lisa for making a true difference in our client’s life and rehabilitation journey.

Simon is relatively new in his post as Therapeutic Support Worker to a 19 year old man who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident.
Already he is making a difference. Simon loves his job and reports that he now feels that he has a career in Health and Social care and not just a job.
Following his induction with AJCM’s Registered Manager, he has completed on-line training courses, attended moving and handling training and has received bespoke training from the therapists.
He is currently working alongside the physiotherapist and is helping the client to stand. He is working with the occupational therapist to increase the client’s upper limb functions. He is ensuring that speech therapist recommendations are put in place and the client is supported using an alphabet chat.
In his previous role Simon felt that he did not have enough time working with clients to make a real difference – not anymore!
Simon has regular contact with the Case Manager to include supervision and training.
Simon is a vital part of a large multi-disciplinary team and he spends most of his time with the client. His knowledge of the client will ensure that the therapy team are focused on the client’s goals.

Karen joined the AJCM team in 2008 to work with our client who had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in 2005.
Karen has worked as part of a team that provide 24 hour care for our client who lives in his own home.
Karen has been trained by therapists to provide consistent and structured support to our client.
No two days are ever the same for our client or for Karen. Due to her training Karen is able to ensure that the client receives support that is going to maximize his choices and involvement.
All the team have responsibilities and Karen is tasked with ordering and auditing the medication. Karen is fully trained in this role and is supported by the Team Leader and Case Manager.
Karen attends monthly supervision and team meetings, which ensures that the team are supported to give the best care to our client. Karen works from a rolling rota that ensures she has a least one full weekend off each month, plus 2 days off together each week and the rota is organized at least 2 months in advance.
Karen recently applied for a Team Leader role in another package. Karen has been successful and we know that Karen will support her new team to achieve outstanding quality of care for her client.
Karen is keen to hear from support workers that are interested in providing the highest quality of care and support for her client.

Paul has worked with an AJCM client since February 2014.
He has an interesting and challenging role and his achievements have been outstanding.
Prior to starting in his AJCM role Paul worked as a Manager in a small group home for clients with learning disabilities.
He applied for the role of Therapy Assistant as a new challenge. What a challenge it has been over the last 16 months!
Paul initially worked in a rehabilitation unit providing support for our client who had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, 4 years previously. It is always a challenge working in someone else’s environment but due to his excellent communication skills Paul was able to forge positive relationships with the unit’s team.
Paul spent his time getting to know the client and developing an understanding of his complex support needs.
Paul is part of a skilled therapy team who developed a transition plan for the client to move into his home with 24 hour support.
Paul’s role included recording triggers to the client’s behavior and ensuring that the client received a consistent support from the care team.
The client moved into his own home in May 2014 and Paul has been vital in ensuring that the client is kept safe, has outstanding standards of care, and has his best interests met at all times.
At a 12 month review the team acknowledged that the role of Paul as Therapy Assistant has made a massive difference in our client’s life.

Lynn joined the AJCM team in 2008 to work with our client who had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in 2005.
Lynn initially joined us as a support worker and she worked with a small support team to support the client with his rehabilitation journey.
Prior to the team’s involvement the unit were having to use 2/3 staff for personal care.
The support team were trained and supported by the Case Manager and therapy team.
The client suffered with severe agnosia and did not recognize objects and this caused him to feel very anxious.
Lynn and the team were taught to provide all his care in a gentle, structured and consistent way.
We are 7 years on now and most of the initial team recruited still work with our client. He now lives in his own home and due to the skills of our support team he is no longer frightened or anxious and he is supported on a one to one for all of his care.
Lynn took on the Team Leader role 12 months ago and is supported by the AJCM team to ensure that the care provided is to the highest quality and meets CQC standards of Caring, Responsive, Effective, Well Led and Safe.
One of Lynn’s team has now been recruited to set up another 24 hour support package for AJCM and Lynn would love to hear from support workers who want to be part of an outstanding 24 hour support package that truly maximizes the client’s quality of life.

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