Complex Injury Referral & Assessment Application

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Are you concerned about the injury of a friend or loved one?

Refer today to bring them one step closer to their recovery.

Supporting a loved one with a complex injury can be stressful and overwhelming.

Whether they are a friend, family member or work colleague, or you’re a professional with a client.

here are a few steps you can take to support them:

1. Refer them to a case manager.

They will receive the expert advice and services they need to have a comfortable and positive recovery.

2. Offer emotional support.

Discussing thoughts and feelings can make a huge difference to our emotional wellbeing.

3. Keep positive.

It is hard to see a loved one suffer, but try stay positive if you can. Focus on recovery to try combat anxious thoughts.

4. Make sure they are getting the support they need.

At AJ Case Management we only offer the best services from our team of experienced, professional case managers.

What can I expect when I refer a loved one to AJ Case Management?

Our mission is a productive and healthy recovery for our clients. However, no two injuries are the same, which is why none of our recovery plans are.

We tailor care plans to each individual after we have fully assessed the injury and circumstances. We have always worked this way as it is the best route to a successful recovery. We have a wide range of bespoke services which can be incorporated into your plan.

Recovery after a complex injury is a journey no one should take alone. We work with you and support you every step of the way to ensure long term happiness and health.

Which injuries am I able to refer to AJ Case Management?

We support a wide range of clients that have many different, unique injuries. Some can be extremely complex and difficult to fit into one category, so get in touch today to see what services we can provide to aid the recovery process.

Symptoms can be misleading, which is why it’s always important to get a full assessment before attempting recovery. If you would like more information on how to do this, you can fill out this form and we will get back to you with expert advice as soon as possible.

What happens after a complex injury referral?

We work hard to make the journey to recovery as simple and stress-free as possible. After the diagnosis and assessment, we will put together a thorough recovery plan that we will implement with the client. This could include things such as:

Choosing the right kind of therapy and preparing you for it

Putting in place systems to support you emotionally

Putting together payments plans and organising appointments

Helping you balance school, college, university or work with your busy schedule

Offering advice on how to manage relationships with family or friends to make sure you have a strong support system

At AJ Case Management, our mission is to achieve your goals. Our friendly and approachable team will put you at ease and give you the confidence to reach your recovery destination.


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