Complex Case Management Services for Clients & Families

We are genuine

We say what we do and do what we say. We are an ethical company that acts with integrity and genuinely has your interests at heart.

We can support you to answer questions such as:

“What is the impact of his injury?”
“Why is he confused and agitated?”
“Why does she need to move to a rehabilitation unit?”
“When will he be able to drive again?”
“What is a neuropsychologist?”
“How can we support her to go back to school?”

Take one step at a time to achieve your goals…

We know the injury suffered by you or your loved one changed everyone’s life that day. Those early days can be a blur for everyone and the days, months and years ahead have their own unique challenges.

There are so many worries you may need to deal with and not just the physical injuries and emotional impact.  Often your loved one will remain in hospital or be unable to work and you may find yourself juggling visits, children and work.  There is often financial strain following the accident as incomes can be reduced and expenses of living increased.

At this stage your Case Manager will support you to apply for benefits, liaise with social services or with mortgage companies to try and alleviate some of this pressure.

Where possible the early appointment of a Case Manager can offer support and guidance during these very difficult early days.

This is the start of your journey and all of our clients take many different paths.

AJ Case Managers have extensive experience of working with clients and their families following their accidents/injuries.  An initial assessment and case management plan will help everyone to plan for the short and long term identified needs.

Often intensive rehabilitation is required to support you following your accident and AJ Case Managers will help you to understand and get the most out of your rehabilitation.
As part of your rehabilitation process you will be asked to set yourself goals and we will support you to take one step at a time.  This is a long journey that we will support you to undertake but you need to take it one stage at a time.

It is possible that you may not access our case management services for many years after your injury; however we can still provide a rehabilitation based service to identify your goals and set you on your journey to achieve them.

Training Requirements

As part of our HCPC requirement the AJ Case Managers must continue to develop their skills and knowledge base.
This is not only a commitment we make to our governing bodies but also to our clients.

You can expect to see an our team attending various training events throughout the year and this is in addition to their regular supervision and team meetings with in-house training.
We strive to ensure that we are the best we can be and are up to date with the constant new developments in the field of brain injury and spinal cord injury.
We know that at AJCM Ltd we are developing case managers who have the skills, knowledge and the support to help you in your greatest time of need.
We also impart this knowledge wherever possible and provide regular bespoke training to our support teams, clients, families and other professionals.
Some examples of recent training sessions that we have provided include:


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