health care professional council code of practice

Health and care professional council – the importance of registration

If an individual wants to practice in any of the 16 health and care professions that are regulated by the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC), then it is required by law to be registered by this organisation.
It is extremely important to check for a HCPC registration when you are using the services of a health or care professional.
There is a wide range of high standards that individuals must adhere to in order to maintain this certification. Your health is at the forefront of everything we do at AJ Case Management, which is why we promote the importance of a HCPC registration.
In this article we will cover what exactly is required for this certification, how it is achieved and maintained and how we make it a part of everyday life at AJ Case Management.

What is a HCPC registration?

A HCPC is a certification that requires a high level of many different professional standards, some of which include:
• Relevant qualifications and training
• Experience and detailed knowledge
• A high level of professionalism
• Ethical practice guidelines
A HCPC certification is valid for two years, after which the individual will be thoroughly reviewed again, and the license can be renewed.
This allows us to show our consistent high level of quality to our clients.

Health and Care Professional – How is it applied to occupational therapy?

There are many standards to follow to obtain a HCPC registration in occupational therapy that allows us to give the best to our clients and fellow employees.
Some of these standards include:
• Understanding the importance of maintaining good health
• Being fully aware of our skill set and knowing when to seek advice from other professionals
• Continuously updating our knowledge on the latest ethical and legal standards
• Maintaining an unbiased and professional perspective when decision making and assessing a situation
• Having a complete understanding of the concept of confidentiality
• Practising appropriate and effective communication skills
• Having the ability to review our own performance and continuously improve on it
• The ability to create accurate and comprehensive records of appropriate information
• Only providing a working environment that is safe and secure

If you would like more information on the standards required for a health and care professional council certification, you can read the Standards of Proficiency for Occupational Therapists.

AJ Case Management – Health and Care Professional Council Registered

Many of our case managers are HCPC registered at AJ Case Management. We are proud to achieve and maintain his high standard of professionalism and skill.
We work hard to build trust with our clients and that is why we value the importance of this registration.
Our team of case managers are passionate and highly skilled in what they do and are constantly striving to go above and beyond the standards required to achieve a HCPC certificate.

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